Sorry Guys, no beer here!

If we got your attention with the 'beer'-part in our brand name, we are happy we caught your attention, but we might have to disappoint you - there is no beer here. Beer in dutch translates to Bear in English. IJsco would be ice pop, popsicle or ice lolly in English, depending on where exactly you come from. So IJscobeer translates to Ice Pop Bear. And ice pops is exactly what we are all about. Loads of frozen fruits on a stick.

Well, just for the record, we did try using beer in our pops as well - Belgian white beer with rasperries was a moderate success. So who knows - some day at some event, we will be interesting for you beer craving folks as well.

In the mean time, just try one of our pops, you might like them anyway! Our ice pops are summer on a stick, loads of fruits, preferably regional and seasonal, sometimes mixed with some spices, but never with any chemical additives. But most important: they are damn good!

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